"Meet Sunny and Steve, the charming characters brought to life by MPC NY in a light-hearted short film written and directed under one roof by in-house talent Bill Dorais and Ty Coyle – just in time for Easter. Born out of MPC’s love for storytelling, what started as a passion project quickly turned into an ongoing creative platform to collaborate, experiment, and develop talent within the MPC NY character design team."

The short has been featured on Animation Magazine, Creativity Online, Motionographer, CG meetup, ItsArtMag, Stash, and has been showcased in multiple film festivals across the country.


Created at The Savannah College of Art and Design. A collaborative student artist effort, "Baxter" tells the story of a raccoon who can’t pass a candy shop by without letting his compulsive nature get the best of him. 

Nominated for a Student Oscar at the 41st Annual Student Academy Awards.


The second installment in this series of MPC Shorts, Sunny & Steve: Meet Sally introduces our two charming characters to a new office employee, the polite and incredibly professional Sally. Love is in the air as Valentine's Day looms right around the corner, and the antics between Sunny, a purple bunny who has a habit of popping up in unexpected places, and Steve, the shy office worker, once again boils up into mischievous yet playful horseplay.

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