Ty is an award winning director/writer best known for his comedic animated shorts. His films "Baxter" and "Sunny and Steve" have screened in dozens of cities at film festivals across the world. "Baxter" was nominated for a Student Oscar at the 41st Annual Student Academy Awards in Los Angeles by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Ty enjoys the nature of comedy and loved to discover what made people laugh. He admires Jim Carrey and Robin Williams for their fun performances and bright personalities. The desire to explore the act of performance through digital media led Ty to The Savannah College of Art and Design. Here he earned his bachelor of fine arts degree in animation.

Upon graduation, Ty moved to New York City and worked as a director, writer, animator, and layout artist at The Moving Picture Company. After spending two years in the big apple, he relocated to Los Angeles and spent four years continuing his career in the arts.

Here he acted in tv pilots and short films, and had his debut as an actor on television.

Soon after he decided to backpack half a year through South East Asia on a motorcycle and three weeks through Europe before relocating to Montreal, Canada to animate key sequences on Godzilla v Kong (2020).

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